Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon (Dalchini)

  • Botanical Name: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
  • Family: Lauracae
  • Hindi name: Dalchini
  • Part Used: Bark
  • Form Available: Bark, Quills, Powder
  • Packing: 100g, 250g
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Cinnamon is native to Srilanka and India and is found in tropical regions of the world. Srilanka and India are one of the major producers and exporters of whole and powdered form of cinnamon. Cinnamon has strong aroma and they are sweet and have good taste. Due to the popularity of the cinnamon of Ceylon sometimes cinnamon are also called as Ceylonese cinnamon. Cinnamon of commerce is prepared by cutting of branches and scraping of the outer rough layer called bark and it gives heavy oil with characteristics aroma and high content of cinnamic aldehyde. For good quality spice only branches of proper size are used. The long rolls of the inner bark of about 1m length forms the best grade known as “quills”.

Cinnamon has astringent, carminative, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-viral, blood purifying, and digestion aiding properties which makes is useful in the preparation of a number of drugs and medicines. All these properties make it useful in the preparation of a number of drugs and medicines. It has also been used to treat diarrhea and other problems of the digestive system. It is also used as an insect repellent.

Indonesia, Malaysia, India used it in various vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines Cinnamon is used in a wide range of food products. It goes well with meat, confectionary, sweet baked products and liquers. Cinnamon Powder is extensively used in different consumable items including cakes, puddings, ice creams, desserts. It is popular due to its flavor and aroma and is thereby used in different confectionery items including candies, chewing gums. In Beverages also including tea and soft drinks.