We purchase the raw material from the local mandis or APMC’s as well as outstation mandi’s. We ensure that the material is sourced from the producing centers during the peak harvest to take advantage of the freshness as well as colour. India is home to several spices and other agri commodities which enables us to be gain a competitive edge over our competitors in terms of quality and prices.

Our experienced and efficient staff in the Procurement Department makes sure that only best quality products are sourced from the market, which is inline with the buyer standards and requirements. The desired quality of the products is tested and the final purchase takes place only upon approval from the quality control department.

The goods are sent to Fumigation department after carrying out the initial stages of procurement. This ensures that the goods are free from all harmful insects and pests before they enter any further process.

  • Purchase

    Raw materials are purchased from the local mandis or APMC’s as well as outstation mandis. We ensure that the material is sourced from the producing centers during the peak harvest to take advantage of the freshness as well as color.

  • Fumigation

    All raw materials are fumigated before cleaning and packing. Fumigation is carried out either with Methyl Bromide or Aluminium Phosphide depending on the product.

  • Cleaning

    The preliminary processing of the raw material begins with a pre-cleaning process. Thereafter the raw material goes for the de-stoning process. The de-stoner plays the role of extricating/separating the metal trash or any kind of stones in spices, pulses, etc. This is done without bringing any harm to the material by means of air and the difference of density between them. It consumes minimal energy and yields maximum returns. The Screen Separator is a part of the process of cleaning to ensure the quality of the product is maintained.

  • Grinding

    We have specialized grinding machines for Turmeric, Coriander-Cumin Seeds, Chilli, as well as Flours like Ragi, Bajra, Juwar, Rice, Besan, and Wheat which is ground under special instructions and procedures.

    Chilli Grinding:
    The chilly procured from the market is in the whole form, which is then sorted according to its quality and then send to the laboratory for further testing. After approval from the laboratory, the chilly is cleaned and also hand-picked to remove all kinds of waste and dirt.

    Turmeric Grinding:
    Turmeric whole when procured from the market is cleaned and then ground to obtain the finest quality to satisfy the customer requirements.

    Coriander Cumin Grinding:
    The Coriander-Cumin Seed undergoes rigorous cleaning procedures to avoid the involvement of minute dust particles and wastes. Only the best quality is sent for further grinding so that the final product is pure and of desired quality. We also have special grinding machines for curry powder and to convert other Products into powder form.

  • Sterilization

    The product goes under the process of sterilization to eliminate or reduce the spoilage microbes such as bacteria, yeast, molds to meet the acceptable levels. It reduces infection, which is the main concern when it comes to availing of first-rate quality products. Sterilization also helps to achieve:

    – Greater flavor retention.
    – Extended product shelf life.
    – Improved product appearance and texture.

    We provide both ETO Sterilization as well as Steam Sterilization.

  • Quality Control

    We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory, operated by trained and efficient technicians to maintain effective quality control. Technical staff is frequently enrolled in training programs conducted by Spices Board and CFTRI to stay updated with the new requirements for domestic as well as international markets.

    The laboratory conducts various tests to ascertain the presence of microorganisms in spices and other food products. Fundamentally, three categories of tests are carried out in our lab.

    Sensory Analysis:

    Chemical Analysis:
    Moisture/Volatile, Non-Volatile Ether Extract/Curcumin/Color count/Starch Percentage/ Ash/Bulk Density

    Micro-Organism Analysis:
    Salmonella/E-coli/TPC/Yeast & Mould/Coliforms

  • Packing

    After cleaning is complete, next is packing. The packing of the products is either done by an automatic packing machine or manually depending on the characteristics. The packing material conforms to the statutory requirements for food products and is in accordance with the specifications of regulatory bodies such as the Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai, FSSAI & the Spices Board. After packing, each pack passes through a Metal Detector. A Metal Detector is used to maintain the quality and hygiene norms of the product even at the final stages of production. This phase of product processing and cleaning gives surety that the product does not contain any metal particle, which can be hazardous in nature.