• Botanical Name: Buchanania Latifolia
  • Family: Anacardiaceae
  • Common Name: Chironji, Achar, Char, Paira, Piyal
  • Part Used: Seed Kernel
  • Form Available: Charoli
  • Packing: 100g
Category: Product ID: 800


It is basically a common Indian medicinal plant and is a type of nut used in making deserts. Chironji is an evergreen tree.. After the hard shell is cracked, the stubby seed within is as soft as a pine nut.

An ointment made from the kernels is used to relieve itch and prickly heat, and also to remove facial blemishes. The seed oil is considered as a substitute for almond oil in traditional medicinal preparations and is often used to reduce glandular swellings of the neck. The leaves of Chironji are reportedly valued for their tonic and cardiotonic properties. The powder of the leaves is considered to be a common medicine to promote the healing of wounds. The roots and leaves are often battered and mixed with buttermilk and this mixture is reportedly known as a treatment for diarrhea.

The fruit has a pleasant, sweetish, sub-acid flavor and is an important article of food of the hill tribes of central India. The kernel of the seed tastes somewhat like the pistachio nut and is used largely in native sweetmeats. These kernels are a general substitute for almonds among the natives and are much esteemed in confectionery or are roasted and eaten with milkThe edible seed kernels are eaten raw or roasted. They taste just like almonds and we usually add them in kheers, payasams and kulfis. They are commonly used in sweets in India. However, they are also ground into powders for thickening savory sauces and flavoring batters, and stewed into rich, meaty kormas.