Mixed Melon Seeds (Charmagaz)

Mixed Melon Seeds (Charmagaz)

  • Common Name: Charmagaz
  • Part Used: Seeds of Different fruits of Cucurbitaceous Plant
  • Form Available: Charmagaz as Whole Seeds
  • Packing: 100g, 300g, 1kg
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Char literally translated means four and char magaz consists of pumpkin seed, musk melon seed, water melon seed and cucumber seed. Literally translated: Char means 4, and Magaz means intelligence. It is extensively used in Rajasthani cuisine.

This is believed that ingestion of this combination results in brain development and rejuvenation. Char Magaz is also consumed by nursing mothers in the belief that essentials will be passed through milk to babies for their brain development. There may be some truth to this. Pumpkin seeds are high in fatty acids that are good for building and maintain parts of the brain.

The seeds are used for preparing delicious sweets and snacks. They can be added to traditional halwas and fruit fudges for enhancing the flavors. They are used in paste form in many preparations with white gravy and in desserts and Thandai. The melon seeds can also be used as mouth fresheners when it is mixed with nuts and spices. A paste of melon seeds are added to spicy meat dishes to thicken its consistency The melon seeds are used in baking, dressing of bread cake, confectionery, supari, sweets, refreshing drinks and snack foods. They can also be directly consumed after roasting.