Candy Sugar

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Candy Sugar (or sweet diamonds as it is popularly called) is sparking white big crystal sugar obtained by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. Its large crystals not boast of purity but are also very attractive. It has its origins in India and Persia. Arabic writers in the first half of the 9th century described the production of candy sugar. Crystals were grown as a result of cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. In order to accelerate crystallization, confectioners later learnt to immerse small twigs in the solution for the crystals to grow on. The sugar solution was colored with cochineal and indigo and scented with ambergris or flower essence.

Candy Sugar is a great sweetener for tea or coffee and simply looks pretty on the table. Candy sugar is known for centuries for its therapeutic applications. It is also popular among makers of homemade fruit liqueurs. Loved by both kids & grown ups, this rock candy makes a good substitute for dessert after meals.