Rice Papdi

  • Form Available: Rice Papdi Jeera, Masala, Ajwain, Pepper and Chilli
  • Packing: 150g, 200g
Category: Product ID: 887


Rice Papdi is uncooked Rice Snacks in different Flavours like Ajwain / Jeera / Masala / Black Pepper.

Instruction for use : Use a Wok or a Deep Fryer. Immerse about 30/40g of pellets in Vegetable Oil at a Temperature approx 190C for 9-12 Seconds. Remove with a slotted Spoon and drain on Kitchen Paper.

  • Rice Papdi Ajwain : Rice Flour, Ajwain, Salt and Starch
  • Rice Papdi Jeera : Rice Flour, Jeera, Salt and Starch
  • Rice Papdi Masala : Rice Flour, B.Pepper, Chilli powder, Salt and Starch.
  • Rice Papdi Pepper : Rice Flour, B.pepper, Salt and Starch
  • Rice Papdi Chilli : Rice Flour, Chilli, Salt and Starch.