• Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare
  • Family: Lamiaceae
  • Common Name: Common Marjoram, True Oregano, Turkish Oregano, Wild Marjoram and Winter Marjoram.
  • Part Used: Though the whole herb is of both medicinal and economical use, the aerial parts of the plant are very frequently used.
  • Form Available: Dried Leaves
  • Packing: 100g
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The other common names for the herb Oregano are Common Marjoram, True Oregano, Turkish Oregano, Wild Marjoram and Winter Marjoram The name oregano for the spice and the botanical genus, Origanum for the plant is derived from the Greek words oros – for mountain and another Greek word – ganos, for joy – thus the herb can be said to be “joy of the mountain”. The ancient herbal records say that oregano is referred to as Wild Marjoram, which can be confused with the herb known today as wild marjoram, Thymus mastichina, which is a wild-growing species of thyme.”

The herb is used as a remedy for narcotic poisons, convulsions and dropsy. Oregano oil and leaf are both strong herbal antibacterial agents due to the high thymol content. The dried leaves are used in hot fomentation to painful swellings and rheumatism. Oregano tea is a strong sedative and traditionally used to treat colds, bronchitis, asthma, fevers, and painful menstruation because of antiseptic action. Bile flow is stimulated by the oregano, and the herb also aids in alleviating the discomfort of flatulence and excess abdominal gas. Oregano oil is used after dilution and topically applied to treat toothache as well as painful joints in patients. It is also used as an antidote for venomous bites from snakes and insects. It is also used in treating skin disorders.

This spice can be used on meat and fish dishes as it resembles thyme in flavor and aroma. Home grown oregano can be used in number of reciepes like pizza, pasta, all sorts of tomato based dishes and different Italian sauces. Oregano can be used green in salads. Oregano leaves can be crushed and then added during the last ten minutes of cooking to a dish to bring out the maximum flavor and aroma. Oregano can be used to flavor olive oil. The dried flower bracts are used in arrangements. Oregano is used as a meat preservative.