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Flaked Maize/Corn

  • Ingredients for Flaked Corn: Corn - Flaked
Flaked Maize/Corn

Maize (Zea mays) is an important staple crop in Nigeria, mostly processed into fermented porridges. Describes an attempt to develop a convenience food from fermented maize. Maize was processed into flakes through home level processing of dry-milling, steeping, sieving, cooking and drying. Three fermented products were formulated by varying the proportions of cooked porridge and fermented maize slurry. The moisture, protein, fat, crude fibre, ash and starch content ranges of the products varied. Partly gelatinized maize used for animal feed. The grain is cracked to small pieces, moistened, cooked, and flaked between rollers. Flaked Maize is produced by the process of cooking and flaking whole maize, called micronisation, to make it more easily digested for animal feed. For the angler this gives us a bulk feed that when soaked becomes soft and gives off a lovely, milky, fish-attracting cloud.

Instruction for Use

Use a Wok or a Deep Fryer. Immerse about 30/40g of pellets in Vegetable Oil at a Temperature approx 190C for 9-12 Seconds. Remove with a slotted Spoon and drain on Kitchen Paper.


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